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Word Jungle (more than 20k words and picture dictionary)

by Shekhar Yadav
Do you have the word power? Challenge your word skills with this ultimate game on iPhone/iTouch.

Now with 5 dictionaries this game is even more fun. We have included a picture dictionary which gives images as hints so it is perfect for new language learners, children or anyone looking to practice spellings.

Each word puzzle comes with jumbled up letters that you are required to arrange in the right order to form a meaningful word. You also have the option to get hints. Should you get stuck in a word, you may ask “WordJungle” to show the word for you, so that you can move on to the next interesting word in the game.

The “WordJungle “is a highly interactive, yet simple game that you can play just by yourself or with the company of your friends or family. It is absolutely ready to entertain when and where you choose to play.

Also good if you have English as second language and want to practice English words. Prepare for TOEFL, ESL or SAT.

a. User uploadable dictionaries

If you have a dictionary that you want uploaded in next rev, please send it to us at Keep playing...

Recent changes:
- Changed the interface - now tap on the word moves it, no need to drag. - new look and feel for clarity - Added new dictionary - can choose between 5 dictionaries - added a picture dictionary, where picture is used as hint.

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