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Woord Maties Pro
Telecommunicatiebedrijf Suriname
Woord Maties is een leuke game voor iedereen. Met Woord Maties kan je op je iPhone of iPad snel leren typen. Doel van de game: Type binnen een minuut zoveel mogelijk woorden die verschijnen op het scherm. Score punten...
Skvader Studio
Celebrity Quiz - Guess Famous Celebrities Trivia featuring Popular TV Icons & Hollywood Film Stars
Celebrity Quiz is an awesome trivia game! Find out how much you know about celebrities in an addictive quiz game. Try to answer all the questions. + Guess the answer for many questions in Celebrity Quiz + Challenging...
Crosswords for Kids 2
Denise Sutherland
Crosswords for Kids, Volume 2 Twenty more quick crosswords! All these puzzles have been written for children aged around 9–13. Perfect for adults learning English as a second language, too. These are proper...
4 Kép 1 Szó: Filmek ‒ magyar
Andras Sveiczer
Igazi filmőrült vagy? Töltsd le vadonaút ingyenes magyar fejlesztésű játékunkat, a 4 Kép 1 Szó folytatását, és találd ki az összes filmet és sorozatot! ◆◆◆ 4 Kép 1 Szó: Filmek ◆◆◆ ◆...
Are You Clever? - 6X6 Puzzle Pro
GuoDong Ren
Are You Clever is also named KenDoku、CalcuDoku、Square Wisdom,here is the rule:1、 Each row and column contains different digit 2、 Each group of cells is a cage containing digits which achieve the specified...
Đuổi Hình Bắt Chữ 2015
Mai Dat
Chắc hẳn gameshow "Đuổi Hình Bắt Chữ" đã không còn xa lạ với bạn? Thật hứng khởi khi tự mình khám phá những tầng ý nghĩa đặc sắc, hài hước, vui nhộn, bất ngờ, thú...
Sudoku Mania Puzzle – Up to 1010 Dots Logic Games
Smartest APP Comes to You Finally! Marvelous SUDOKU makes you smarter! The nobly classic interface displays a totally cheerful delight. Multiple difficulty levels are available to select. you are also free to create...
Cash Cash Cash Casino
Nate Sullivan
Win tons of cash and live the life that you’ve always wanted to live! Definitely you will be amazed! Time to spin! Featuring: Eye-popping HD graphics! Ear-pleasing audio! Play offline, no data required! Post your...
Animals at Home
Daniel Temez Garcia
ANIMALS AT HOME is a simple and nice game for the children of the house, in which they will have to help every animal find their home, they can play all by themselves but also with you. We have taken good care of it...
Shoot The Country Flags - Shooting The Military Brigade With A Cannor For A Warfare FULL by The Other Games
The Other Games
Let's play a nice matching game in military style. The game is very simple: Shoot the only that flag, which is on the first place at the bottom of the screen. So match the two country flag sequence and shhot only the...
Qingchun Zhang
聖經金句大轉盤遊戲簡體中文版(同時支持簡體和繁體中文),有如聖經版的Wheel Of Fortune (命運之輪) 一 風靡美國幾十年長盛不衰的電視遊戲節目,...
word tap saga
Will Kesling
Test your spelling power and vocabulary with Word Tap Saga. How many three to eight letter words can you spell before time runs out? Get bonuses for using colored letters.
Detective's Choice
Delight Games LLC
A detective mystery from Delight Games, the makers of Wizard's Choice and Zombie High! Download it while it's FREE. Your name is Jack Jericho. You’re a detective. But you don’t investigate cheating wives or crooked...
Word Snake Classic
Harmonic Solutions
WORD SNAKE CLASSIC Welcome to the best Word Snake (Word Search) application for auto-generated letters: 1.- There are 11 topics to choose from: - Animals - Countries - Cities - Food - Fruits & Vegetables - Famous...
Word Search of The BIBLE
Panatda Thianthae
***A WORD PUZZLE BIBLE WITH MORE THAN 3000+ WORDS*** This is a classic word puzzle game you are used to with but with a slight twist. Instead of random words this puzzle only has names and title and many things of...
Runsome Apps
Blingword is a shiny new word game where you swipe your finger across letters to create words: up, down, left, right, even diagonally! Search for any words and/or spell the pre selected words in the games level. You...
Guess the Bible Puzzle
Christopher Ong
Guess the Biblical puzzle from the Picture clues! Your favourite picture trivia now comes with Bible puzzles... Test yourself on your bible knowledge in a fun way!
The One Wing Bee Called Emily - Fun and Games
Kiwa Media
It’s all fun and games with Emily and her band of little bees. Play The One Winged Bee Memory and spelling games and gather great little prizes along the way.
هرم المعرفة
Game Cooks
!لسبب تقني قد تظهر أسماء أصدقائك من فيس بوك مشوهة. ستحل هذه المشكلة في التحديث التالي. استمتعوا باللعب .هل لديك الجرأة...