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Brainy Man - Trivia Hangman Word Game

by sezgi abat
***Brainy Man Trivia Game***

It is a very simple word puzzle game where you have to guess the word before the hang process is completed and before the time is over.
Guess the correct word and save him from gallows. Brainy Man is ideal to play a quick game in the subway, in the school yard, or at work during a break.
A free word game for adults and for kids. Hundreds of hours of fun with Brainy Man. This can be played single player or two players mode.
Hangman has never been this cool! Improve your skills!

*Cool graphics, Funny sounds.
*Free for iPhone or iPad
*Game Service Leaderboards
*More than 30,000 question bank

***Classical Game
- 60 seconds for each word
- Game is over after making 7 mistakes
- Difficult to know without hint
Score = (Remaining time) x (Remaining Life)

*Time Attack Game
- Game over after 180 seconds
- After making 7 mistakes, you get 0 point and go next question
- Your easy way to find secret word is hint 
Score = (.nth Question) x (Remaining Life)

*Two Player Game
- No need to internet connection
- Who knows three word wins the game until equality is finish
- Set up rules whatever you want
- There is no time limit
- After making 7 mistakes, you get 0 point

The Most Enjoyable Hangman Word Game. Brainy Man!

The hangman game (also called jeu de pendu, el ahorcado, galgenmännchen, henker, l'impiccato, Jogo da Forca) is a classic word game, as well as a strategy game based on letter selection in order to guess and spell, discover or decipher words by finding all the letters constituting a specific word. It is close to other board games like puzzles, scrabble, crossword puzzle, quizzes or trivia. This type of game will be enjoyed by the whole family, adults (for fun), as well as kids, children (for education purposes). It may help you learn new words, increase your vocabulary. Definition of the word to guess, hints, clues, lifelines and good strategies will facilitate your progression throughout this challenge and avoid the rope and gallows ! In brief, it’s an educational, intelligent game for people fond of strategies, brain challenges while being still entertaining, interesting, fun with a beautiful design and a nice game play. We hope you’ll enjoy playing this hangman game. On top of that, this app is free, isn’t that great!? Be smart, play Brainy Man!


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Brainy Man - Trivia Hangman Word Game Brainy Man - Trivia Hangman Word Game Brainy Man - Trivia Hangman Word Game Brainy Man - Trivia Hangman Word Game Brainy Man - Trivia Hangman Word Game

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