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Car, Plane or Boat?

by Andrew J Clark
Do you hear that? In the distance?
Is it Real Racing 3? It is it Flappy Bird?

It’s “Car, Plane or Boat?”

Forged in the depths of the research and development furnace in VlcnrSoft’s Australian Division we invite you to play a game. You will hear a sound and it is up to you to guess its origin, be it Car, Plane, or Boat. It may be one, it may be none, but you will be appraised accordingly. You have 5 chances to prove yourself in a single round.

With 15 sounds carefully selected by our expertly trained think-o-nauts your reward will range from adoration to immolation. Tweet your result, learn about lava, and join other ex-CEO’s for a relaxing day in the Sunset Catapult.

Car, Plane or Boat is the invention of marketeer turned super villain Myke Hurley and the brit-with-the-wit Matt Alexander in their weekly feature length podcast/documentary series “Bionic”.

Don’t be a Susan! If you have not listened to Bionic it is highly recommended you do so before attempting to defeat Car, Plane or Boat:

Note: This game is almost unwinnable.

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Car, Plane or Boat? Car, Plane or Boat? Car, Plane or Boat? Car, Plane or Boat? Car, Plane or Boat?

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