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Mr. Trivia Lite

by Iron Square
It’s Mr. Trivia! This is just a sample of our 500+ trivia question game. The lite version contains more than 80 questions pulled from our libraries. The interface is based off classic quirky 50's game show style and humor.

Our trivia is not only informational but humorous, fun yet action packed. Amaze your friends when you can quote fun facts straight from our game.

Complete 2 rounds of questions in a standard game and at the end claim a faux prize based on how well you did. This version only contains 50 faux prizes, but are guaranteed to make you chuckle

In the regular version we have a lightning round, so you can see how many correct answers you can get within a 2 minutes span.

Available in the Regular Version:

600+ questions
The Lightning Round
3 Categories of Trivia
300+ Faux Prizes

Recent changes:
Now supports iPad! Higher resolution graphics! Game Center Integration! In-App Purchase for Full Trivia Pack!

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Mr. Trivia Lite Mr. Trivia Lite Mr. Trivia Lite

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