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Animal Faces LR
Eiji Ichikawa
A correct answer is only one in what direction of the face of an animal reversed. Find it quickly.
Sara Canducci
Non è un quiz, non son parole crociate... è Alphable, una simpatica rivisitazione in chiave moderna di tutti questi giochi uniti a quello dell "Impiccato". Avrete a disposizione 60 secondi di tempo per rispondere...
AP Puzzles
We've turned classic footage from Associated Press & British Movietone into Touch-Screen Video Puzzles for your iPhone or iPad! We're just getting started with tons of new video puzzles coming every month! -They make...
8 Bit Jungle Hero - Jump-y Pixel People Adventure Land Saga
Combinatrix Ltd
****** Free Pixel Swinging Game! ******* ***** Hours of jungle jumping fun ******* Craving some tropical treetop action? Catapult yourself deep into the heart of the jungle as you guide your pixelated self to get past...
App Quiz : Guess for Screenshot logo name Free Paid and Grossing Apps
Pittaya Sattaboon
App name Guess Game It is the most fun game for those who love top app. Lots of pictures in more than 500 levels are awaiting you to guess. Let's see if you can prove it! - Compete with players from all over the world!...
Aang Quiz : Guess Game for Legend Avatar Last Airbender
Pittaya Sattaboon
Avatar Guess Game It is the most fun game for those who love B Avatar. Lots of pictures in more than 300 levels are awaiting you to guess. Let's see if you can prove it! - Compete with players from all over the world!...
Kicks King – Sneakerhead Trivia FREE
Wise Hero Limited
【Play Kicks King now】 Do you collect sneakers? Are you a true sneakerhead? Challenge yourself now! Guess the name of the shoe that goes with each image! Download & Play with friends now! Play hundreds of fun...
Attack of the Flatcons
Christopher Bales
Attack of the Flatcons is a guess the flat icon game. Unlike the other guess the games, not all of the flacons are what you might think they are. Try to guess over 400 Flat Icons, with more coming soon. Over 10...
Killers And Heroes Of Horror Movies - Guess Who Reveal Edition - Free Version
Wicked Fun Games
HORROR Movie Fans will LOVE this AWESOME Quiz!!!! Reveal the legends and icons of Horror behind the blocks!! You can even Challenge Your fellow horror fans! Play with Friends Tap The Blocks Guess The Faces Win Coins...
Wizard Quiz
Victor Gonzalez
This game was made from the ground up and includes the ability for users to upload their own questions, as well as the ability to upvote/downvote the same uploaded questions. The more questions you upload, the more...
¿Desea ser Millonario? El trivial en español con preguntas sobre deportes, musica, logos y otros temas ¡Desafiante y divertido!
Ana Gonzalez
¿Desea ser millonario? ¡Quién no! El famoso concurso de preguntas de la tele ahora en tu iPhone o iPad. Más de 2.000 preguntas y dos modos de juego para poner a prueba tus conocimientos y demostrar que te mereces...
Simulado OBA Nivel 2 PRO
Leandro Oliveira
Simulado OBA PRO! Versão completa com mais questões, agora das provas de 1998 a 2013. Divirta-se enquanto estuda! Simulado para a prova da Olimpíada Brasileira de Astronomia e Astronáutica (OBA). As perguntas são...
Flying Worm
Flappy worm, Flappy worm, What are they hitting you? Flappy worm, Flappy worm, It's not your fault~~~~~ === FEATURES === -- Share game video and screenshot: You can record your play video, or capture the screen, and...
Master of Maths
Pyry Sepp�l�
This game tests and rapidly improves your mental arithmetic skills. Solve the problems as fast as you can! Your skills will be tested on every level and you'll get a grade from Caveman to Math Master. Compete with the...
Asteroid Hop
Patrick Nielson
Asteroid Hop is the newest and most addictive App! Jump from asteroid to asteroid using you jetpack to guide you through space. Play for free now!
Quiz Millionnaire Français Premium
Marco Batista
Le jeu le plus populaire de la connaissance générale est maintenant disponible pour iPhone/iPad. Télécharger le jeu, s'amuser, apprendre et montrer ce que vous êtes capable ! Voici une brève introduction: - Le...
1024 & 2048
Liting Tan
^The most popular digit game!^ Merge the numbers and get to the higher number each level! Swipe to move all numbers. When two same number overlap, they will merge into a bigger one. Try to reach you best number!
Animals Quiz Saga - Play for fun in Logical Brain-Teaser for Kids
Yaniv Golan
====FREE FOR LIMITED TIME==== → The biggest Animals quiz in the app store! → Can you guess all the animals!? → special for your pals PLAY IT NOW - Easy to play: just guess the picture! → Tap the tiles and...
Answers for iPad
Koji Yoshioka
【STORY】 君の端末がアンサーズ(謎の知的生命体)に乗っ取られた。 君は迫りくる難問に、俊敏なタップとそのクレバーな頭脳で挑まねばならない。...
Doughnut Inspector - Super Zuma
***boys and girls all love the game*** - the game story -- Evil and delicious doughnuts is the root cause of we have been not thin down, our only goal is to destroy them! - how to play - - simply click on the touch...