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Tax Trivia
EmJa Interactive, LLC.
Need a break from doing your taxes? How about some Tax Trivia! Tax Trivia is filled with 5 banks of trivia containing 50 questions. We present you with a fun, interactive, and feature rich Trivia Game. Our Trivia...
Dr Knowledge World Champion
Can We Technology Company
It is time to challenge your knowledge with other around the world. See how long much you can answer 2000 questions in entertainments, geography,history, literature, maths, scienc and general knowledge. Now you can...
Know It All
JAZ Games
Only 1.99 for a limited time! KNOW-IT-ALL is a casual trivia game that tests all realms of general knowledge, from entertainment, sports, history, science, comic books, the arts, geography and much more. With over 700...
An iHum™ Nation - Music Humming/Guessing Game
Hot Potato
** Introductory Sale ** iHum™ Nation is the brand new music trivia game that will have you humming, guessing and humming again. The rules are simple. Players play their musical knowledge against each others ability...
Free for a limited time!!! Start with 1 from any square and try to arrive to 100 moving in the next square using horse chess rule or in classic round logic. The possible steps are underlined in a darker gray. Simple...
Jewish Trivia
Europa Pictures
The totally unreasonable Jewish "Essential" Trivia. Esoteric knowledge, trivial facts, Jewish Trivia "essential" to Jewish Knowledge, the values that are at the core of Jewish beliefs and practices. Jewish Trivia...
Italian Trivia
Thirtynine LLC
Are you studying Italian or you just want to test your ability in understanding it? Then Italian Trivia is the right quiz for you! Each game answer to 20 random questions pulled from a database of hundreds. Question...
Gomoku is a traditional game which is played all over the world. In English speaking countries it goes by the name "Connect Five" or "Five-in-a-row", and is typically played on a piece of squared paper. In Asia it is...
Chris Alvares
Are you a Wiki Expert? WikiQuiz is a quiz game for your iPhone to challenge your knowledge of popular culture. Drawing randomly from the Wikipedia database, WikiQuiz gives you 60 seconds to read as many articles as...
Move your finger or Tilt your iPhone(iPod Touch) to drive a car. Collect coins. Avoid oncoming cars. It's a very simple game.
Trivia Hut Pro
Down-Shift Inc.
Who killed Benjamin Franklin? Booth? No that's Lincoln, did someone even kill Franklin? Trivia Hut is a trivia application that lets you decide what you want to be tested on. Using the application you'll be able to...
Oscars History
Katha Films LLC
Trivia Quiz Game - "Nominated Top 5 Oscars app in 2009" - L.A. Times. "Staff weekly favorites" iTunes Staff - Oscars week 2009. Not affiliated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ("A.M.P.A.S.")....
Choose a Fate Party Game
LOLriffic Stuff
Choose a Fate Party Game Looking for a great trivia game for on the go fun and laughter? Ever wonder whether your best friend would rather choose to ride a magic carpet or would rather instantly appear everywhere they...
Movie Quizzy
Jurgen Honigl
Martin Sheen, Laurence Fishburne and Marlon Brando played in ? Who directed Money Talks (1997) ? Who directed U-Turn (1997) ? Taglines such as 'It is not the fall that kills you' Jeff Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones and Suzy...
I.E. Practice
ONLY BUY IF YOU OWN THE IMPOSSIBLE EXAM!!! This is the Impossible Exam practice/answer key that guides you through getting a very high score. This is the Impossible Exam, but all of the answers are in red to help you...
Movie Challenge: Oscars® Special
Redwind Software
★★★★★ Free for a limited time! ★★★★★ The best iPhone Trivia game for the Oscars®. This trivia game celebrates Oscar® winners from Academy Awards® history to the present day, offering everything...
Ben Stein: It's Trivial Lite
Griptonite Games
BEN STEIN: IT’S TRIVIAL - LITE! Online Winner’s Board, Tips & Secrets visit: www.BenSteinTrivia.com Don’t miss out on what critics and players are calling... "The best trivia game on the iPhone!" Ben Stein will...
I.E. Answer Key 2
This is the answer key to the Impossible Exam 2. It is the only outside source that will help you beat the game. DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU DO NOT OWN THE IMPOSSIBLE EXAM 2!!! If you don't already have it, consider the...
Obama IQ
Europa Pictures
Barack Obama is now President! But how much do you know about him? Be quizzed - and learn - about the real Barack Obama ... from Axelrod to Zeituni! From Barack's birth and upbringing to his community organization and...
Life of Jesus Quiz
Europa Pictures
From birth to death to his ressurection and eventual triumph, how much do you know about Jesus Christ and his life on earth? This quiz shows you the Jesus you may not know ... from the simplest facts to the most...