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Islam Quiz
Aneesa Memon
This is a Trivia Game iPhone App about: - Islam - Islam and Muslims in the West You take a quiz to test your knowledge, then you can post your high score on the global high scores page to see how you rank. Salaams
IQ Factory
This game allows as many people as you want to take an I.Q. test. You can play it alone or up to 6 people multi-player. There is also a permanent leaderboard on the phone with the photos and names of the players. You...
Spot It! MANIA - find the differences
Spot it! MANIA is another take at the classic "find the differences" concept. But Spot It! brings some fresh air to the genre: it offers five (5!) game modes, has a cool awards & achievements system (follow your...
Trillionaire Trivia
Jacobs Media
So, you've been wondering, exactly how much is one trillion dollars? Or better yet, how much can one trillion dollars really buy? Trillionaire Trivia can help. One trillion dollars is an amount too large to truly...
Trivia Bingo Lite: Kids Edition
Aisle4 Software
Looking for a great trivia game for kids? How about one where your kids can have even more fun playing against one another? Look no further! Trivia Bingo Kids Edition is the game for you! Not only are all of our...
Urban Quiz
Tobias Basedow
Do you know what bridge you can see looking north from Tower Bridge? No? Maybe it helps to visit Sacramento, CA and have a look for yourself? Urban Quiz is a social-networking location-based Trivia game. Questions can...
eyecandy media inc.
Have you ever researched your own hands ? Do you know what the information the Chinese can get from the palmar creases thousand of years ago? Start this game you will be clear about it.
Are you an optimist? Do you like to laugh all the time? Here we prepared a set of high-quality laughs. Some of them are even 30s long. The set includes short laughs, medium long laughs, long laughs, baby laugh and even...
Color Drops
JVL Corporation
"JVL was able to do a match-three type game and give it a fresh feel. The game is very pretty to look at, awesome to listen to, and addictive to play...That's a match made in heaven." - Coloursound on iTunes Store 2...
Fantastic Baseball
James Caralis
New trivia every day this season! ----------- Represent your favorite team and compete against other fans for the top trivia score in every MLB park. Not at the game? Compete for the high score in your home town,...
What Would You Do If...?
LOLriffic Stuff
Enjoy playing one of the funniest group party games you could ever play! Find out from your friends the dirt on what they would do in funny, provocative, interesting, and unusual situations! ****What Would You Do...
Inspirational Trivia
EmJa Interactive, LLC.
With 50 questions we more then double the questions that other apps offer! Not to mention our numerous features that most don't consider! Test your skills against the world in Inspirational Trivia! We present you 5...
Health & Wellness Trivia
EmJa Interactive, LLC.
With 100 questions we more then double the questions that other apps offer! Not to mention our numerous features that most don't consider! Test your skills against the world in Health & Wellness Trivia! We present you...
Eastern with Uli Stein
HINZ Steuerungs- & Datentechnik
Search for the eggs on the lawn and find 5 Easter Cartoons from Uli Stein. If you find an egg tap on it and with a bit of luck a cartoon from Uli Stein appears. One click on the cartoon enters the game section. Start...
Ostern mit Uli Stein
HINZ Steuerungs- & Datentechnik
11 Cartoons zu Ostern von Uli Stein Sucht auf der Wiese nach den Eiern, wenn Ihr ein Ei gefunden habt tippt es an und, wenn ihr Glück habt erscheint ein Cartoon von Uli Stein. Wenn Ihr dann nochmals auf das gefundene...
Miss Trivia Lite
Iron Square
Miss Trivia Lite!: Miss Charming’s Drink Trivia Calling all thirsty cool cats, hip bartenders, beer chuggin’ barflies, extraordinary servers, and all worldwide wannabe’s interested in the martini-drinking,...
Puzzle Star Lite - Hard Edition
Ignacio Sanchez Gines
This is the Hard Edition of Puzzle Star Lite, the star of all puzzle games! So much fun you won't be able to stop! Clear groups of similar squares by tapping on the screen, but pay attention! The more squares in a...
Locate it (Geo Quiz)
Tommy Kammerer
Forget those boring text-based geo quiz games! Meet "Locate it". In this game it's your task to find certain places on a worldmap. Where is Area 51 located? Where exactly stands the Eiffel Tower? Are you able to locate...
Game Console Trivia
EmJa Interactive, LLC.
Finally, a Trivia Game for those who think they know everything about Video Game Consoles! Test your skills against the world in Game Console Trivia! Game Console Trivia is filled with 5 banks of trivia containing 70...
Wine Trivia
EmJa Interactive, LLC.
Grab a glass of wine and take a sip of our Wine Trivia! You think your a Wine Connoisseur? Give our Wine Trivia a try and compare your score against others in our Global Leaderboard! Wine Trivia is filled with 5 banks...