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Alert! Safety Boom!

by Wooji Juice Ltd
•• Defuse bombs • Save lives • Look good doing it ••

Only you stand between the innocent public, and terrifying explody doom!

In Alert! Safety Boom! you take on the role of Sam Seafore, a rookie bomb disposal agent, recruited into the recently formed Division 6 of the Directorate for Explosives Eradication and Public Protection (DEEPP6).

Facing ever more dangerous devices and increasingly mad bombers, you must use your wits and a steady hand to keep yourself — and most importantly the public — safe.

Playing the role of Sam, you defuse bombs in stages, disabling the booby-traps and peeling away each layer like an onion's skin, until you reach the core. You will have a nifty toolbox at your disposal, thanks to the unique multitouch controls: slash a finger across a wire to snip it; grip and unscrew bolts, pull levers, undo latches, disable tilt switches, hack circuits and more, all simply by using the appropriate tools and gestures.

• Humorous storyline with a full cast of colourful characters, using our distinctive comics system
• Compete for scores on Game Center (requires OS 4.1 or later)
• Issue challenges to your Facebook friends
• Musical soundtrack that keeps pace with your progress

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Alert! Safety Boom! Alert! Safety Boom! Alert! Safety Boom! Alert! Safety Boom!

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