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Battleplan: American Civil War Lite
The Mustard Corporation Ltd.
Welcome to fastplay wargaming, a new kind of strategy game experience. Battleplan: American Civil War is an exciting top-down real time/turn-based hybrid strategy game. Take command of either Confederate or Union...
Ball Trapping
Deok Yeon Cho
Ball Trapping! Touch your soccer balls. And make a best score. Let's accepted world people's Challenge!
F18 Carrier Landing II Pro
Flight simulator for mobile devices. The most advanced aircraft carrier landing system ever created. Landing on an aircraft carrier is one of the most difficult tasks a pilot has to execute. The flight deck is only 150...
Cube8 HD
The 8×8×8 version of Rubik's Cube game, including time mode and free mode.
Play Ping Pong - Table Tennis
Atif Mumtaz
Realistic Physics, Challenging Opponent makes Ping Pong game a fun to play. Drag table tennis racket right, left, forward or backward to play shots in a direction you want, it's easy to learn and challenging to master....
Absolute Nitro Bike Racer PRO - Full Top Speed Version
JUUQ Mobile
** 100% FREE! ALL BIKES UNLOCKED! ** ** INCREDIBLE 3D GRAPHICS! ** Grab your helmet and get ready for an absolutely wild bike racing game where you go absolutely FULL speed on your nitro equipped bike! Avoid traffic in...
Hangzhou Changtang Technology Co., Ltd.
最正宗、最火爆、刺激的十三水(十三张、罗松)游戏——《同城游十三水》闪亮登场! 百万玩家的明智选择,各大市场的精品推荐!...
QuadcopterFx Simulator
Prabhjot Singh
A Quadcopter simulator with First Person View (FPV) and HUD. An App for Novice or expert Quadcopter / Multirotor RC Drone users to practice skills and to have fun. Features: 1) Based on real physics Model of Quadcopter...
Brazil soccer world Championchip
Miriam de Franca Moreira
Play with the best selection of world soccer in traditional and exciting slot game. Here, soccer is a matter of luck.
Asteroid Billionaire
CleverMedia, Inc.
Try to make your fortune in the exciting new world of asteroid mining! Start with a basic space station and buy a small asteroid to get started. Then upgrade your station and buy larger and more profitable asteroids....
100 Amazing Balls
Addictive puzzle physics game. Collect as many of the balls into rotating cups. Try not to miss any otherwise the balls will roll away. How many colors can you get? It's free fun, try it today!
Ant colony Kingdom - Bang the ants house & infest the place with insects - Gold Edition
Infinite Dream Factory Inc
- GOLD EDITION - NO ADS EVER You have to help the queen of ants to infect the house! Click as much as you can to create ants and win the game! JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID How to play? - Tap as much as you can to upgrade...
Arcane Battlegrounds
Spacetime Studios, LLC
Wage Epic Fantasy Warfare! The latest title from the award winning Spacetime Games! Arcane Battlegrounds is a fun and addicting real-time combat strategy game where you lead an army across a breathtaking fantasy world....
Lai Kean Meng
BunnyVille is a city-building game,in beautifully designed village where you can buy and manage buildings ,hire bunnies to work in the village ,and clearing obstacles.All this happen in a fun and easy gameplay....
Premium Minigolf
Iceflake Studios
Premium Minigolf is the best, and also FREE, mobile minigolf out there. Smooth touch screen controls, stunning graphics and real life sound effects continues to offer the same quality than other Premium titles. Play...
Battle Of Limit
Keiki Watanabe
!!なまっちょろいアプリはもう飽きたぜ!! スマホゲームは臨場感が足りねぇ!と思っていませんでしたか? そんなあなたにピッタリのアプリがこれだァッ!...
Frogger Dash Adventure Hyper Moving Frog FREE
Robert Thomsen
The best frogger game for iPhone download now! Classic Arcade Action! Join Frogger Dash Adventure Hyper Moving Frog as he hits the river like never before with classic arcade action and new exciting gameplay!! New and...
James Deininger
Tired of the politicians kicking you around? Now you can kick them back with BootEmOut. Watch the candidates race to the US Capitol. You control boots which can kick the candidates off the screen or manholes which open...
Air Traffic Control Frenzy - Fun Flight Tower Guide Simulator
Have you always wanted to learn to fly but never followed through on your dreams! The next best thing to real flying would be a professional flight simulator do you have one lying around? If not, don’t worry because...
A Candy Collecting Jump - Sweet Lollies Adventure
Sean Thomsen
Download this app immediately! Check out this new awesome game! Are you one of those sweet-toothed kids that couldn’t just get enough of candies? Well, now’s your chance to collect as many candies as you can. Fill...