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A Delicious Candy-Box Sweets Maker : Tasty Carnival Fair Treats Factory FREE
Dario Pavan
Everybody loves candy treats, it is fun and joy eating a candy, but do you know how to make a delicious candy? Don’t worry if do not. Download “Delicious Candy-Box Sweets Maker”, make some delicious candy treats...
A The Brave Knights War - Run And Fight In The Mighty Rush Empire
Kriscia Co
It’s a beautiful sunny day in the kingdom of elves. But suddenly a dark cloud approaches and lightning starts to frighten all the people of the kingdom. The dragon master appears and kidnaps the king’s only...
Future Shock Software
"NetHack is a single player dungeon exploration game. Your goal is to grab as much treasure as you can, retrieve the Amulet of Yendor, and escape the Mazes of Menace alive." -- iNethack2 is an iOS port of Nethack...
Beauty Doctor
Huan Tang
Give this scientist a quick but good makeover.this cute scientist is going to do some important research at the lab today but she's running a bit late! can you help her out so she can start her shift on time? first...
Mecha Showdown
TurnOut Ventures Ltd.
Transform into a giant mech of destruction and battle deadly extraterrestrial kaiju monsters to save our planet! Play this FREE turn-based fighting game in which you take control of elite war robots to defend the Earth...
World Zombination: a Zombie TD RTS MMO
Proletariat Inc.
Take control of a massive zombie horde and destroy the world. Or help the last surviving humans make their stand and defend it. The choice is yours in this epic massively multiplayer online game! As the zombies, attack...
Sweet Frozen Smoothies - Fresh Maker Simulator
Yummy milky smoothies with real taste of fruit, yogurt, ice & candy is the best drink to make and chill out for kids, girls and family members. Children Love fruit Juice, Milkshakes, cola, soda, cold beverages then let...
Agent Al Evator - a terrorist defence game
Jan Essig
You are Special Agent Al Evator. For several days, it has been rumored that a previously unknown organization is planning to infiltrate your intelligence service. You have been assigned to guard duty at headquarters...
A Candy Smash Free - Fun Bouncing Above Spikes Mania
Catch-22 Games
How much have you love candies? Do you know that you can enjoy candies not just by eating them? Play this game now so you would find how candies can entertain you even if without swallowing them! The game may seem...
Attack the Angry Bosses - Wrecking Ball Revenge
Mekamax Inc.
Ready, aim, cut the link! Relieve your frustrations by strategically cutting loose wrecking balls to knock over the bosses. Don’t think it’s that easy though! Attack the Boss isn’t your normal stress relief game...
Team Chaos LLC
SUPERCHROMA is a story of love, betrayal, selfishness, giving, and most of all... DESTROYING EVERYTHING IN GLORIOUS EXPLOSIONS. Note: SUPERCHROMA has been targeted specifically to Metal devices (iPhone 5+, iPad Air+);...
Infinity Dungeon Evolution F!
Dai-Hyun Kwon
Gold Mine Dungeon RPG! Infinity Dungeon Evolution - Mystery Portal! Season 2! A game that players of all ages can enjoy! Fun guaranteed! A hidden dungeon is discovered at last. What is happening in the dungeon? Conquer...
Dinosaur Jump Run
Makeover Mania Story Games
Race the dinosaur and win the race! Tap to make the dinosaur jump. Keep him alive with falling or getting killed enemies. Fun and FREE!
Egg Drop Run
Dragons Kingdom Puzzle Games LLC
Keep the egg alive and score the highest in this fun egg run game. Tap once to jump and tap twice to double jump. Check it out now today for FREE!
Falling Bird Rescue - Cute Bouncy Wings Mania
Mobile Game Arcade LLC
Ready… Draw… BOUNCE! Falling Bird Rescue is the next mobile blockbuster! Let your bird soar with an ALL-NEW way to play! Launch your bird through the air and collect as much corn as you can. Get as far as you can...
A Spy Car Road Riot Traffic Racing Game
Top Dog Best Games, LLC
- You are a spy (think James Bond!) trying to catch the lightening quick bad guys on this endless CROOKED hi-speed road! - Take your pick of different road conditions which require NO money and NO points to use! -...
Awesome Ski Mountain Rider - Cool speed Hill race
Bharat Bhushan
*** GET READY FOR THE THRILLING SKI-ADVENTURE *** Hit the mountains on your Ski and race for the Ultimate Ski Championship. Avoid obstacles, collect power ups and see how far you can ski! ================== Features...
3D Space Ship Simulator PRO - Full Flying Simulation Parking Version
JUUQ Mobile
** ALL SHIPS UNLOCKED TODAY! ** ** SUPER HD 3D GRAPHICS! ** Get ready for an amazing journey through space where you have to take command of a space ship and guide it through a variety of obstacles and avoid being shot...
Gem Pop Rapid Blast - Dog Hitting Jewel Challenge
Kando Apps LLC
Our pet shop is in need of more budget to continue running! Help Tiffa to pop all the gems to earn more! Clear stages by popping all the gems! What are you waiting for? Play now!
Heroes Vs Barbarians
Baan Game Studios
The angels are running away. Your task is to avoid the angels while slashing all the barbarians waiting for you. Jump over the angels and attack the enemy. And don't fall off the platforms! Try to get the highest score...