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Cool Dog

by Loretta Cheron
Cool Dog “Darby” needs to get to her doghouse with all of her bones – QUICKLY! And you won’t EVER run out of time to finish the game! Just BETTER your time on each run to get more bonus points! And if you are a fan of the Shiba breed of dog – this game is for you!

*Make sure to collect all the white bones in the maze and don’t forget the bonus gold bones - EXTRA POINTS!
* Along the way grab a ham bone for some quick energy to run faster - POWERUP!
* Avoid the tennis balls or Darby will take a break from running to play - OBSTACLE!
* Buy a dog biscuit and get one jump to any spot in the maze – SUPER POWER!
* Beat your previous time to the doghouse – MORE BONUS POINTS!
* Darby, the white Shiba Inu has two other Shiba friends! A Red Shiba and a Black & Tan Shiba! Each has their own SPECIAL TALENTS!
* Share your completed time and score with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

How to play!
Just tap with your finger where you want Darby to go in the maze. Just make sure you study the maze so you can pick up ALL the white bones and also so you can get to the doghouse in the shortest amount of time for extra bonus points!

- Awesome 3D graphics! Retina Ready!
- Random Maze Generation – never the same maze in any of the 3 levels of difficulty!
- Two additional dogs – Red Shiba Inu and Black & Tan Shiba Inu! Red Shiba can jump 5 barriers per game and the Black & Tan runs faster and doesn't stop to play with tennis balls!
- Appearing and disappearing gold bones for bonus points!
- Extra ham bones to speed up running for 8 seconds!
- Dog biscuits to get one jump to anywhere in the maze!
- Share your times with friends on Facebook and Twitter!
- Multiplayer coming soon!

Cool Dog is more than just a fun family game – a percentage of the game's proceeds will go to an organization specializing in research to keep our furry friends healthy! So not only will you enjoy playing this game but you will help fund research to keep your dog healthy and HAPPY!

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