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Slide (*** Updated ***)

by Shekhar Yadav
Slide is interesting mix of bejeweled and tiles.

It starts with a board of different color tiles. There is a small window in left that gives cue of what slide to clear. You can clear the slide by tapping the exact sequence (in any direction but adjacently placed). There is level marker, if you drop all rows below the level marker you progress to next level with even lower marker.

Objective of game is to get most point and reach the final level where you will clear the entire board, and marker is at the lowest level.

The game is challenging, and fun as there is limited time. It starts with 180s. You can add time by aligning 2 stars. It buys you 60s. Everytime you move to next level you get 120s.

Play strategically so that you have enough time in end, and you do not end up with colors you can not easily clear. It is perfect game of strategy and it builds difficulty over time, so that you have good time in hand to play it.

Enjoy sliding...

** Updated Version **

Recent changes:
Updated logic to make more responsive.

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