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Balanzze Free

by Hansjuerg Wuethrich
Yet another great "Physics Puzzle" gaming app from the creator of *PLEEZZ* ! (Also available in the AppStore !) This Version here is free and you can play 50 Levels + Tutorial Levels + 5 Bonus Levels. If you want 2 more Episodes with 50 new Levels each episode (coming soon), you can buy the Full Version of Balanzze and there you have also no Advertise !

*The goal is easy but the way to it is not !*

Just bring green blocks onto blue blocks. Sounds easy he !?. but you will need much of brain capacities to solve the puzzles :-)

50 Levels - 10 Tutorial Levels - 5 Bonus Levels

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*Challenge accepted ?*


Balanzze can not play fine with an iPhone3GS or iPod Touch 4th Generation. Also an iPad1 or iPhone4 is critical ! You can play, but the game experience can be different from other devices ! so please make sure you have an iPhone4S and higher / iPad2 and higher ! Thank you !

Balanzze has now also a Twitter account for questions, criticism, support and news. Follow: @Balanzze (English/German)

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