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If you solve something, say something. In today's world, it's all on the line. Answer the call. Join your fellow citizens to decrypt suspicious messages and help make our nation safer and stronger! For every puzzle you...
A Appetizing Cakes Match Pics
Marcelo Domingues
A Appetizing Cakes Match Pics is a interactive, adaptive and fun memory game for children of all ages. This app contains a beautiful collection of circus images and funny music. The perfect way to engage children in a...
A Matching Game for Children: Learning with Bugs and Insects
Escaleto UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
* Learning game for toddlers * Explore the world of concentration * Motivate kids to learn for fun - With this fun game for small children you can support their learning process by teaching them that exploring and...
Box Move Pro - Clear All Boxes In One Move
Henk van der Zee
__________________________________________ 'This Game Really Makes You Think Hard!' 'Love It When I Make Progress With Levels!' 'So Fun Playing This Game When Bored!' 'I Have Been Playing The Whole Weekend'...
Clear the Grid
Mr Moo
● Match 3 and clear the grid it's that easy.* ● 140 grids to clear through skill not luck. ● No lives, no waiting. ● Arm-flapping fun and frustration guaranteed. *We could be lying.
Angry Birds POP! - Bubble Shooter
Rovio Entertainment Ltd
Angry Birds meets bubble shooter in an all-new and super-addictive puzzle game! Use your slingshot to match and burst colorful bubbles, save exotic critters, and pop the piggies. Strategic and intuitive gameplay make...
Wow Color Flood
Farid Ahmad
Simple color flood puzzle tor a relaxing break :) Touch the coloured buttons at the bottom of the screen and watch as the grid changes to the same color. With each move, the bottom left piece and and all those adjacent...
Easter Find The Pair 4 Kids
"Easter Find The Pair 4 Kids" is a memory board game designed for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and pre-teens but adults may also enjoy the game - fun for the whole family! This...
Unique match the birds: addictive brain puzzle game free
Mahmudur Rahman
An addictive puzzle game about connecting!!!! The goal is simple; climb the leaderboards by connecting same-colored birds vertically and horizontally in your choice of four game modes. Stockpile birds along the way for...
Unique match the birds: An ultimate connecting puzzle game free
Ashfak Ahmed
An addictive puzzle game about connecting!!!! The goal is simple; climb the leaderboards by connecting same-colored birds vertically and horizontally in your choice of four game modes. Stockpile birds along the way for...
Memory Match for Kids - The lego minifigures edition
PakLeung Cheung
Do you love to play Minifigures? Memory Match for Kids is an educational challenging iOS game for your kids of all ages. You can test your kids’ memory by matching the pairs of pictures in this app, and see how well...
Rainbow True Color
sky hill
RainbowTrue Color is a game inspired by the Stroop effect. You need to check if the name of the color written matches with the color displayed. You think it's a breeze, huh?! Play with your friends and compare your...
JetSpin Hustle
JetSpin Hustle is a retro themed, side-scrolling, adventure in space. Escape from a doomed space station by dodging and spinning your way past deadly obstacles and debris. You’ll need quick reflexes and even quicker...
Nine Plus - 9+
NINE PLUS - 9+ Could you crush 9(Nine) numbers at the same time? Perform the longest match by managing numbers and get the highest score. Do not forget! You must be very fast. Get ready to meet NEW and unusual game...
2048 Puzzle GO
changwei sun
The game screen is very simple, at the beginning mostly gray box, the puzzle appears when the player figures will change color, the overall style is very simple. Rules of the game is very simple, each can choose one...
Witchy World - the magical puzzle game
Match magical ingredients to solve over 100 levels in this enchanting and addictive puzzle adventure! Brew magic potions, elixirs, charms and philters for adorable fairy tale characters in this adventure of sorcery and...
Shape Disco
Jovy Ong
Come and groove it out with our new groovy and tricky game, Shape Disco! Swipe left or right to guide the falling shapes to their correct color categories before they reach the bottom of the screen! Don't get tricked...
HOME: Boov Pop!
Behaviour Interactive Inc.
This game is fun…and mandatory! A puzzle game that defies the laws of physics! Based on the DreamWorks Animation film, HOME: Boov Pop! offers a new twist to the puzzle genre, by adding a unique gravity-based physics...
Left/Right Brain Training
Tae Yun Lim
Help train your brain. Calculation of the equation governing the logical left brain function and Listen to music or pictures or any image Think of right brain functions that govern Learning game that can be trained at...