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Way of Life (bubbles explode)

by Evgeny EGOROV
The Way Of Life will be a very popular game, the aim of the game is to explode a set number of flying balls by setting off a chain reaction. The bigger the chain reaction, the bigger your score.

There are 12 levels to work through, and each level gets progressively harder with more balls flying around and more balls you need to explode.

Most people seem to begin by doing exactly what is needed to complete the level – i.e. explode n number of balls. This is simple enough, but will never get you the big scores.

To obtain a high score on Way Of Life, you need to set off a big chain reaction in sequence, and you want to explode 90-100% of the balls on the screen as close to one after another as you can possibly manage. You will find that by doing this, each explosion is worth more and more points and once you get up to the biggest sequential chain reactions, each ball can be worth millions of points.

Thanks a lot.

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Way of Life (bubbles explode) Way of Life (bubbles explode) Way of Life (bubbles explode) Way of Life (bubbles explode) Way of Life (bubbles explode)

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