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Dave Matthews Band Revenge

by Tapulous, Inc.
Tap Tap Revenge: Dave Matthews Band is the latest and greatest release in the wildly popular Tap Tap Revenge series, this time featuring 10 of the greatest hits from international best-selling recording artists Dave Matthews Band.

Dave Matthews Band is one of the most popular touring bands in the world, regularly selling out the largest venues. This game lets you tap and shake to the band's greatest hits and two NEW hits from the upcoming album, Big Whiskey And The GrooGrux King.

This special edition of Tap Tap Revenge features:
• 10 smash hits from Dave Matthews Band, including two HOT new singles off their upcoming album
• New themes, graphics and effects, inspired by Dave Matthews Band videos and discography;
• Four addictive difficulty levels, each with unlockable boss tracks;
• Superior stability, multi-player mode, a Dave Matthews Band news feed, and Facebook Connect to flaunt your scores to the World.
• New: Import your Dave Matthews Band Revenge premium tracks and theme into the free Tap Tap Revenge 2

Track List:
• Funny The Way It Is
• Shake Me Like A Monkey
• Tripping Billies
• Everyday
• Ants Marching
• American Baby
• Crash Into Me
• What Would You Say
• So Much To Say
• Two Step

User Testimonials:

"Dave Matthews Band Revenge will blow you away with the gorgeous visuals the game has to offer and the superior performance, which will keep you tapping away for hours. Tapulous has really gone through the roof in the newest addition to the Tap Tap Revenge family. As a long time gamer, I highly recommend this latest game for everyone."
~ Trevor N. (krohn7master)

"Tap Tap Revenge and DMB have never been so perfect for each other. The mix of music and tapping makes for a whole new music experience!"
~ Jared B. (jarhead2000)

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Dave Matthews Band Revenge Dave Matthews Band Revenge Dave Matthews Band Revenge Dave Matthews Band Revenge Dave Matthews Band Revenge

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