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Andy and Mia
Andy & Mia is a fun addictive puzzle game for all age groups. Andy and Mia set out on a mountain climbing adventure – hand in hand, they keep moving up with consistency. Andy & Mia carrying their packs, continue...
Leanplum Tree
Andrew First
A game in which you must catch falling plums from a tree. But watch out for the rotten plums!
Yeti Kids
Revel Mob
Yeti Kids is the exciting all new addition to the popular GuessMate puzzle series, this time featuring all kinds of cool puzzles for kids. Play and learn the names of more than 50 animals, birds, city objects, as...
A Real Monster Offroad Race – Fun Zombie Racing Games Free
Best Boom Games, LLC
These 4x4 off-roaders aren’t the only monsters on the dirt road in this race. A zombie invasion has begun in the middle of the competition. Don’t let them spoil your shot at the title! Drive through amazing tracks...
Angry Monsters : Bike Rally Jump
Secret Headquarters, Inc
Don’t let these cute baby monsters fool you, they’re angry and ready to prove they’re the best bmx bike jump rider ever to hit the trails. Race through a fun track scattered with wacky obstacles to test your...
Age of the Dragon Wars: Castle Raid Quest Game Free
TS Reports, LLC
Grab your armor and prepare for war in this fun medieval adventure. A wicked spell has been casted over the once beautiful Kingdom of Zillah. Raid the castle and defeat the fire-breathing dragons in order to break the...
I Create Your Apps
***NEW*** NINJA DOG SLICE ***NEW*** ------------------------------------ NINJA DOG SLICE is a cut above the rest! ------------------------------------ HIGHLY ADDICTIVE - LOVED BY EVERYONE Takes place in YOUR BACKYARD ....
Amazon RC Monster Trucks Offroad Drag Racing HD Free
Sixfeed Games
Amazon RC Monster Trucks Offroad Racing is a fast paced racing game. Multi Player Edition. Touch the screen to speed up when going downhill, release when going uphill. ★ 5 Awesome concept xtreme RC trucks to...
Alien Galaxy Escape: Space Challenge Game Free
Best Cool Free Games, LLC
Speedy Jumping action game! You are a world-class space hero. Your team is trapped by the EVIL Aliens. You have to jump over the obstacles to reach the evil planet in the Galaxy adventure. Dodge their attacks to get to...
Aero Bike Rally PRO
Best Free Game Adventures - The top fun cool apps for kids
Test your dirt bike skills on and off the road with some high flying BMX racing action! Race through a challenging obstacle course and maneuver through the city streets as you push the pedal to the metal to win the...
Farmer Ben Against The Aliens Lite
Daniel Newman
Out in Idaho Farmer Ben is losing his cattle. Every day his herd is getting smaller and he’s out to get even with those dang cattle rustlers….oh heck wait!!!! They’re no ordinary cattle rustlers, this guy’s...
Candy Fish & Fat Kid Slice
Allison McCabe
= PLAY THE BEST FISHING GAME FOR FREE! = CAST, CATCH CANDY, & SLICE 'EM UP!! ****************************** ************ Cast your candy hook deep and reel back as many candies as you can eat. Then slice candies right...
Johnny Tractor & Friends Game Pack
John Deere
Come alongside our hard working friends in the field and on the work site to solve puzzles and games to harvest awards. Perfect for little farmers and construction workers from ages 2 and up.
School Lunch Food!
Crazy Cats Inc.
Ever wanted to have control over what you eat at school lunch? Now you can! Have control over your own culinary creations! Wash and prep your ingredients to create your own school meal! Fry crispy tater tots! Toss...
Go Padda
Go Padda! Presented by Stormfrog Padda is an unusual frog who does not like rain. Unfortunately Padda is hills away from home when he spots a storm! Help this little blue frog jump as fast and as far as he can to get...
Sliding Photo Puzzle - SlidePhoto Lite
Koji Yamamoto
SlidePhoto Lite is a puzzle to play with your favorite picture or photo. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ The feature...
Aero Dash
Claudia Shaw
Aero Dash is a fun to play collection game for all ages. Your goal is to collect a certain number of oil barrels and to avoid incoming planes. You are rewarded with a pilot's rank after completing each mission. Move...
Beauty Salon Mix up
ChenZheng Tian
Taylor is at the peak of her career so far and now everyone wants to get their hands on the hot new Taylor swift Barbie doll. Guess who gets to make it? You do!! Take this Barbie to the salon, design her nails, hair,...
Goodia Inc.
外野フライをキャッチしまくれ!! ■遊び方 画面を前後左右に傾けてプレイヤーを操作します。 次々飛んでくるフライをキャッチします。 ■ルール...
Crazy Smile
V Lokeswara Reddy
Crazy Smile Game Description: Crazy Smile is an addictive game that takes you on a thrilling adventure across the lots of Crazy paths . You have to concentrate on Game and make your smile y crazy. Try to touch the...