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Elegant Bride Girl Game

by Funda YILMAZ
I am so happy about my wedding which will be next year, ladies! I can't wait to have the wedding dress try out, try lots of wedding shoes, wedding jewelleries and wedding veils on. My wedding will be a thematical wedding, it is going to be a luxury wedding. I will be a glamorous luxury bride and I need a luxury wedding outfit. When you talk luxury, you talk glamour, style, elegance, glittery diamond jewelries, lots and lots of oppulence. I am having my wedding outfit try on at a luxury wedding salon and they have lots of glamorous and exquisite designer wedding gowns and accessories which I am so eager to try on to find the perfect luxury wedding outfit. Be my fashion stylist, try all the gorgeous luxury wedding dresses on and design my luxury and glamorous wedding attire. Enjoy Elegant Bride dress up game!


* Many different wedding dresses and shoes
* Lots of stylish jewelleries and veils
* Hairs with different colours and styles
* Bouquets for the bride
* Unlimited play time
* All free!

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Elegant Bride Girl Game Elegant Bride Girl Game Elegant Bride Girl Game Elegant Bride Girl Game Elegant Bride Girl Game

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