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Furious Road Riot Champion

by Marina Gauthier Benkirane
Are you ready to race away from the police at super speeds using Rockets, Armour and huge speed boosts? Test your epic police car chase. This is the latest action racing game set on the planet earth in 3034 for adrenaline junkies! Tilt your device to dodge the police/traffic as you speed through the streets. Tap on Rockets and other special Powers to smash your way through and stay...alive! Download NOW and put your skills to the test.

- Simple tilt and tap game controls
- Amazing 3D graphics
- Randomized and Auto-generated police/traffic makes a new experience every time!
- Choose from many upgrades such as rockets, shields, power boosts and anti-magnets
- Epic dubstep sound track to really get you pumping!
- Compete with your friends scores on game centre

Do you have what it takes to be the king of Furious Road Riot Champion?

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Furious Road Riot Champion Furious Road Riot Champion Furious Road Riot Champion Furious Road Riot Champion

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