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Texas Test'em

by Kory Heath Designs
Texas Test'em is an easy-to-use odds calculator for Texas Hold'em Poker. Just drop a few cards into place (leaving any unknown hands empty), and the program will immediately begin calculating the chances that each hand will win or tie by the river. You can view similar results for the turn or the flop. These Monte-Carlo calculations will be accurate to the first decimal place within a few seconds, and will become increasingly accurate as time passes.

You can also switch into Push Mode to perform "Sklansky-Chubukov" calculations. Set up a situation in which you'd consider pushing all-in, and the program will calculate what your opponents would do even if they could somehow see your hand. The resulting numbers represent a very conservative baseline that can help you decide whether or not to push all-in.

Either mode handles up to nine opponents in both pre-flop and post-flop situations.

Recent changes:
When you drag cards across the poker table, targeted cardholders are now highlighted. You can shake the device to clear the poker table or to undo a clear. Single-tap any hand to zoom in on it and see what the numbers mean. In Odds Mode, single-tap one or both of the rightmost cardholders on the board to disable them, which causes the program to calculate the turn-odds or the flop-odds instead of the river-odds. Press the "i" button to view the info screen.

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Texas Test'em Texas Test'em Texas Test'em Texas Test'em Texas Test'em

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