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Dice Legend

by gong hongmiao
[Game introduction]
It is a large adventure at a puzzle and amazing dice!
This game is a game which ventures by the power of a puzzle dice together with a monster.
I will venture the other players in the world and will find out a legendary dice!

* A cardinal rule is an easy puzzle!
About the drops of the same dice, It is a puzzle game arranged and erased same num dice at length or width. but the dice borned with an attack attribute, that will bring a treatment or an ultra high damage or injury.
I will get an excellent dice, then my opponent will eat a heavy punch.

* The battle with a monster!
If drops are erased, the monster of an ally will attack an enemy!
Before being damaged by an enemy, I will defeat targeting a large damage in a combo!

* I will construct a defense mode or attack mode by the dice!
A new attribute dice will be gathered in the dungeon!
Gatsha can also get a gold in addition to a pvp or defend match!

* It is Play together with a friend.
It is still more pleasant if it ventures together with a friend!

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Dice Legend Dice Legend Dice Legend Dice Legend

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