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Back Alley Bridge

by Elliot Weimann
Back Alley or Back Alley Bridge is a card game that originated from the military, probably sometime during World War II.

The game is similar to bridge and spades. The goal of the game is to win tricks, by which you score points. The idea is to bet the number of tricks you think you'll make, the more accurate you are without betting too much, the more points you make. The game starts with one card in doubles play and two cards in singles play, progressively going up one card each round up to 13 cards - then from 13 back down to the number of cards the game started with. The idea is to get the most points by the end of the game. For more detailed rules, download the app or visit my website at the support url.

This game has two version, a doubles version with four players with two teams of two and a singles version with three players.

At the end of the deal you can save the game.

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