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G-54 Helper

by David Turk
A randomizer app for Coup: Guatemala 1954. This app allows you to select roles or randomize roles and then it provides a crib sheet with info on the selected roles. Use this app to help you review roles without needing to scan the role card explanations on the table, which can inadvertently reveal your strategy. The app also helps with the selection of roles process by allowing you to randomize the roles quickly. When selecting roles, click on a role to see details for that role. When viewing the "Crib Sheet" for the roles, click on a role to expand the description.

Contact me if you have suggestions for how to improve the app.

Recent changes:
Categories display on the crib sheet and you can click on the category name to see which card this role is comparable to from the original coup (resistance theme).

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G-54 Helper G-54 Helper G-54 Helper

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