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Ah..Moemory Lite
Ateam Inc.
Ah...Moemory is a pairs/matches game inspired by japanese moe and anime culture. No matter if you are otaku or not, the game with its adorable graphics will pull you in. No matter what age you are, the cute graphics...
American Falls Solitaire
TikGames, LLC
** On sale now for only $.99 US ** Embark on a magical journey through fifteen of America's landmark waterfalls in this calming solitaire game. Click matching cards to remove them from the playing area and reveal a...
Triple Card Poker
- Sale 50% off through January - - OpenFeint Enabled - Triple Card Poker, one of the most popular internet casino games, is now available for your iPhone and iPod Touch. With various betting strategies and countless...
THETA Poker - Texas Hold 'Em
"Theta Poker is the best Texas Hold’em game available for the iPhone OS, hands down." -- 148Apps "This poker program on the iPhone is really good." "Gameplay, two thumbs up!" -- Rob Walch, Today in iPhone Podcast...
Mauvila Software
Sudoku and poker meet! PokerLogica is a logic puzzle game in which you must determine the identity of the face down cards by eliminating the impossibilities. To guide you in this task, each column and row is designated...
Freecell Pro
Konstantin Hassan-Djalalian
***** New Version 2.1 ****** !!! Now with iPad and Retina Support !!! - Amazing Full Screen View - Gamenumbers corresponds with Microsoft Freecell - compete against other iPhone or PC users - Move or Flick the cards to...
Poker Club
Scenario Software
Let's face it. For all the donkeys in poker, directing a tournament is really more like herding cats. The Poker Club Tournament Director is the ideal end-to-end solution for running your amateur or professional poker...
Freecell Lite
Konstantin Hassan-Djalalian
************** New Version 2.0 ************************* - Flic the cards to the target - Amazing Full Screen View - Gamenumbers corresponds with Microsoft Freecell - compete against other iPhone or PC users
HST Odds Calculator
High Stakes Technology™
The ‘HST Odds Calculator’ is THE tool to have for accurately calculating the odds of poker hands for BOTH Texas Hold-em and Omaha Hi. Our simple interface allows players to enter hands quickly and view highly...
JacksOrBetter Video Poker
Capable Hands Technologies, Inc.
JacksOrBetter is a video poker simulation. Play a poker hand; if you get a pair of jacks, or better, you win. JacksOrBetter focuses on ease-of-use and simple gameplay. Features include the following: - Large,...
Good Luck
F2M2, Inc.
Good Luck is a fast-paced game of chance. The object of the game is to guess if you will be dealt a card higher or lower than the card showing. Guess correctly and you will boost your score by the face value of the...
Bathroom Break Freecell
Adam Rippon
Bathroom Break™ Freecell knows your dirty little secret. Some people read the paper in the bathroom, but you, you just want to play games on your phone. Bathroom Break™ Freecell understands your needs, and won't...
John Tesoriero
Exercise the pattern matching ability of your brain! This game is addictive once you get the hang of it. "Matcher" has a deck of 81 unique cards. Each card has 4 attributes with 3 possible values. A group is 3 cards...
Videopoker Death Man Jacks and Better
When the night falls in Las Vegas, the undead come to life and... play videopoker!!! This is the clasical Jacks and Better game, but with a deadly twist. Five cards are dealt. Make your bet, choose the cards you want...
Vegas Video Poker
Albert Omoss
Finally the perfect video poker game for the iPhone and iPod Touch has arrived. Prepare to enter a beautifully animated world of video poker bliss. 'Vegas Video Poker' is the ultimate video poker simulator. 'Vegas...
Blackjack Free
Money won is money earned in Blackjack! Also known as 21, the card game found in casinos all over the world can now be experienced on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Currently the most popular iPhone/iPod Blackjack/casino...
Hudson Entertainment
This game is only for users who understand Japanese. We decided to release globally per earnest requests by our loyal customers....
Tiny Freecell Solitaire
Tiny Freecell™ Solitaire is a special package for freecell solitaire lovers! Get the popular free cell game with scoring, stats, and unlimited undo. We even included three other fun freecell-type games - Eight Off,...
Owen Shaw
The classic card game of Hearts, now on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! Beautifully presented and naturally played on the touch screen of an iPhone, Hearts is both challenging and a joy to play. With sophisticated...
Deuces Wild
Glenn Seemann
Enjoy a friendly game of Deuces Wild poker in a relaxing tropical setting. Start by placing a $1 to $5 bet and then touch the Deal button. Five new cards will be dealt. You can keep or discard as many as you would like...