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Dino the Monster

by Funda YILMAZ
Are you ready to go on different adventures with Monster Dino? With 36 levels in three different worlds, help Dino get to the other side safely as he collects all the golds. Don't forget to stay away from the other monsters as you try to make it through the level! But be careful and use your time wisely, since there's a clock ticking. You have limited time to complete a level and the fastest one gets the highest score. You can also challenge your friends by inviting them on Google Play Games. Don't forget to share your scores on Twitter, Facebook and Google+!

How to play?
The main goal is to complete the levels as fast as you can and lead Dino to safety. There are 100 golds on a level that you need to collect and if you don't collect them, you will not be able to complete the level. You can kill the enemies by jumping on them. But be careful, you have 3 lives on each level.

- High definition graphics
- Motor skill development
- Helps kids get better at multitasking
- Educational features
- Challenging
- All for free

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Dino the Monster Dino the Monster Dino the Monster Dino the Monster Dino the Monster

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