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Special Force Commando Counter Alien Strike

by Paul Chin
Your country has been invaded by alien monsters from the Andromeda Galaxy. The President has been cornered and is hiding in a secret military research lab building in the edge of the city. Your SEAL Team Omega which was set up to counter alien monsters has been destroyed by the invaders and you are the sole survivor. Your task now is to defend your President and country. Protect the Research Lab building from the alien attacks at all cost. Your weapons consist of an assault rifle and some grenades. The aliens drop into the scene using light transponder shafts that shift from time to time. Each alien killed will be rewarded with ammo pickups. When grenades drop below 3, grenade pickups will appear with each kill. Collect these pickups to increase your ammo and grenade inventory.

There is an infinite number of levels to this game. So you will be satisfied to know that you can keep on playing non-stop. Each level gets progressively more challenging as aliens become stronger and also you will need to kill more alien monsters to complete each level.


* First person shooter 3D
* Special effects lights graphics
* Infinite number of levels - play for high scores
* Map on top left of screen tracks alien movements
* Rewards: Collect the Grenades to inflict multiple kills with each single grenade


After every kill, collect the ammo or grenade.
If your grenade inventory drops below 3, cluster the aliens together and throw a grenade to finish
all the aliens at one go and collect multiple grenade pickups!


Left virtual joystick controls movement of player. Right virtual joystick controls rotation left and right.
A map button beside the left joystick toggles map on and off.

How many levels can you last? Get Special Force Commando Counter Alien Strike now!

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Special Force Commando Counter Alien Strike Special Force Commando Counter Alien Strike Special Force Commando Counter Alien Strike

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