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Circuit Maker

by TNGA Consultancy Ltd
Circuit Maker is a sliding puzzle game where the goal is to line up pieces to make circuits in a limited time. How hard can that be?

There is a tutorial and practice mode, three difficulty levels, and Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

The game starts by shuffling rows and columns of pieces at random. A charger will then begin charging up. Creating a circuit and tapping it will discharge the charger, replace the circuit with new pieces and advance the level. Play continues until the charger reaches maximum and no circuit is present - this is a "short circuit" and means the game is over.

The challenge is to create longer circuits without finding yourself out of time. Getting pieces into position becomes trickier as moving pieces will be more likely to disturb others. A range of "patterns" and tactics will reveal themselves to be the key to high scores.

Recent changes:
* Easy and Normal difficulties are more forgiving * 15 Achievements * Level number is now visible

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Circuit Maker Circuit Maker Circuit Maker Circuit Maker Circuit Maker

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