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Super Comic Kid

Calling all heroes!

In Super Comic Kid, it's up to YOU to keep villains from wreaking havoc on your imagination! Take control of your favorite comic book character and do battle across universes, facing off against the most dastardly of foes.

• Earn coins from defeating baddies to unlock new comics, new characters, and hundreds of new adventures!

• Choose from seven heroes, each armed with a unique weapon, and do battle against fearsome foes! Fly through handcrafted levels in arcade-styled, fast-paced, side-scrolling, shoot 'em up gameplay!

• Mix comics together and venture forth on one of 250+ unique level combinations!

• See how far your hero can go in Infinity Mode and put your high score up against your friends' with online leaderboards!

• Original score composed by Adam David Gia!

• See if you can topple the toughest of challenges by taking on supervillains back-to-back in Boss Rush Mode!

• No microtransactions, no "freemium" content. A simple, one-time purchase.

Challenges await, hero! Grab your favorite comics and get started!

Recent changes:
Bug fixes.

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Super Comic Kid Super Comic Kid Super Comic Kid Super Comic Kid Super Comic Kid

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