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Tide‘s Table

by changwei sun
The tidal phenomenon refers to the seawater in celestial bodies (mainly the moon and the sun), the cyclical movement of the tidal force under customary sea vertical direction fluctuation known as tidal, called the trend of seawater flow in the horizontal direction. Is a natural phenomenon of the coastal areas, The Ancient said daytime Hohai gushing "boom", the evening called "Xi", collectively referred to as "tidal".
On the shipping side, some waterways and harbor are required to sailing around the max tide into and out of Hong Kong; in the military, sometimes in order to select the favorable landing place and time, it must be taken into account and master the tidal situation; In terms of production, coastal fisheries, aquaculture aquaculture, agriculture, salt, resource development, port construction, surveying, environmental protection and tidal power generation, must master the tidal changes in the law. Tide Tables for these services.
Navigation, tidal information is very important, especially some of the large, deeper-draft ship rely unberthing often requires Tide missed the tide not dock or unberthing can only wait for the next tide.
This application will collect to release the tidal forecast information of various major ports around the world, to learn anytime, anywhere convenience captain, first mate, and port management scheduling, diversion port tidal state, reasonable arrangements for the operation of the vessel time.

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Tide‘s Table Tide‘s Table Tide‘s Table Tide‘s Table Tide‘s Table

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