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Calls DND+

by iDevMobile Tec.
Calls DND+ allows you to decide who can call you (and who can’t) easy and automatic. It works with your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature to silences unwanted callers and ensures important callers can still ring your phone.

The app simplify and improves Do Not Disturb. Calls DND+ makes it easy to create and manage groups of callers and activate with a tap.

- Silent Mode (Blacklist)
This mode suppress any specific callers you ‘Blacklisted’ and all unknown callers, while allows calls from all of your saved contacts.

- Allowed Mode (Whitelist)
This mode allow calls only from callers that you "Whitelisted", just callers in the active groups will call you.

- Silence All Calls: This option will send all callers to voicemail; it’s useful for those times when you simply don’t want to be disturbed by anyone, while working on important projects and deadlines for example.

Ps. Activating "Silence All Calls" overrides the allowed list, active Groups. You can edit your groups while "Silence All Calls" is turned on, but those changes won’t be applicable until "Silence All Calls" is turned off.

- Allow All Contacts: This option will allow all your contacts to reach you and suppress all the rest

- Calls DND+ requires an iPhone with iOS 6 or later.
- Do Not Disturb only suppresses calls while your iPhone's screen is locked.
- Do Not Disturb does not block unwanted calls, it silences unwanted calls, unwanted callers can still leave voicemails.

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