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ZeVisitMag #3 - english

by ZeVisit
Welcome in the Beaujolais! This third issue of Zevisit Mag may very well get you tipsy.
Sometimes compared to the slopes of Toscany, his verdants hills lay from the Mâconnais, the south of Burgundy down to the doors of Lyon. With its hilly landscape and beautiful villages, the Beaujolais is romantic. Quite astonishing by the way to fall upon Japanese couples posing in front of the St. amour church for their wedding pictures!
The Beaujolais is at the crossroad of the best french cuisines between Paul Bocuse going south and Georges Blanc in Bresse.
No doubt you will spend time in one of the famous Beaujolais bistrots in order to taste specialities from Lyon.
What’s more, you will drink it all year round! The colours of the vinyard vanish and follow one other slowly, turning the Beaujolais into a theatre of colours renewed each day.
And to finish with , once you’ve got a taste of the the pleasures of this region, you may feel sorry to have stayed there for one night only.

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ZeVisitMag #3 - english ZeVisitMag #3 - english ZeVisitMag #3 - english ZeVisitMag #3 - english ZeVisitMag #3 - english

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