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Lonely Planet French Phrasebook

by Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd
The French language always sounds so sophisticated, so suave – and now you can too. Get Lonely Planet's French iPhone phrasebook and you’ll be able to order pastries with aplomb and chat faux-pas free. With 630 spoken phrases, you'll never be lost for words in shops, bars, hotels, taxis, you name it.

Lonely Planet is the world's leading travel company and these handy iPhone guides have been designed especially for the traveller:

•No internet connection needed
•Audio phrases spoken by locals so you know what they really sound like
•Multiple search functions to find phrases quickly and easily
•Kill time on a bumpy overnight bus ride and use the app to test your language skills

+++ NEW: Lonely Planet French Offline Translator +++
You may also want to check out the new Offline Translator app. You talk (or type) and it translates. Works anywhere, anytime with no data or roaming fees. Search for it in the app store.

Recent changes:
We've removed all audio lag, and improved audio quality.

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Lonely Planet French Phrasebook

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