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City of Kent Ohio

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The city of Kent (originally named Franklin Mills) was built by “do-it-yourself” people - individuals who saw an ideal location and the possibility for limitless opportunity. A survey by the Kent Bulletin showed the fol­lowing businesses in 1870: Four dry goods stores; six grocery stores; two drug stores; three boot and shoe stores; four clothing stores; two jewelry stores; three livery stables; a flour and feed store; a furniture store; a harness shop; two tin shops; two meat markets; five millinery stores; five blacksmith shops; one wagon shop; and a number of paint shops. Those earliest entrepreneurs, such as T.G. Parson Lumber, and their busi­ness ventures are represented in this room.
Today, more than 200 years after it was founded, the in­genuity and spirit of those early entrepreneurs continues to be apparent today in the ever-evolving Kent landscape.

-Report issues or problems
-view contact information for various departments and leaders
-Access calendar of events
-Interact on fan wall
-read quarterly bulletin

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