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Mecca - Saudi Arabia

by Egate IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Mecca - Saudi Arabia Travel Map is a unique consists of complete information that may be Heritage, Culture, and Sightseeing, Adventure, Special interests and surroundings all are captured in the map which gives you a better view, idea to your curiosity.

We have more than 100 Top destinations travel maps for you on iPhone with latest information and functionalities. These maps are especially designed for those who are planning to travel around these places for the first time and quite new if you already visited the place.

1. Tab the “Image gallery” after I agree screen to view the list of photos.
2. Select Description tab to know the History, Culture and Present Activities.
3. To View the location Tab “Show me on Map”.
4. View the location in Street Map and Satellite modes.
5. Save your photos with Gps locations or map locations to your favorites.
6. Take a snap using Camera, watch preview and tab “Use” button to save your favorite by Name, Description and co-ordinates.
7. Save you camera location by Map or by Overlay.
8. “Lat Lon” of your snapshot positions is saved automatically in the picture description page for iPhone and snapshot center co-ordinates are displayed for iPod.
9. View all your saved snapshots in favorites.
10. Only snapshots on map can be taken for iPod Touch.

Visiting any well known place with our maps will definitely delight your voyage.

Your feedback is precious to us! And any comment on the map is highly considerable.

!! We mind your suggestions 100%!!

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