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A Line Taxis

by Autocab
A Line Taxis free iPhone app is here to revolutionise the way you book and track your taxi in the Chesterfield area. We are proud to be the first company in the UK to launch this app created by Autocab.

Bookings are processed directly through A Lines despatch system, allocating the nearest taxi to you.

Simplicity is the hallmark of this innovative, user friendly taxi booking solution. A few taps on your iPhone is all it takes to book your taxi, avoiding the need to call or waiting in long taxi queues on a wet and cold street.

The automatic detection of your location via GPS is ideal for customer unsure of their exact location.

The main features of this app enable you to:

- Conveniently book a taxi for ASAP or a future journey
- Create and manage your favourite addresses/Locations
- Manage/view previous bookings
- Track real time progress of your taxi on a map
- Notification of your location via GPS and maps

Keep an eye out for future updates to this great app, including Card Payment!

This app has been designed to be used for journeys to or from the Chesterfield area.

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