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A2B Radio Cars

by Autocab
A2B Radio Cars FREE iPhone App is here to revolutionise the way you book your taxis in the Solihull & Birmingham areas.
Once you have registered, you will be able to book a taxi at you’re your convenience, giving users the highest possible ‘priority’ on our system.
After registering, you will be able to:
•Book directly through our despatch system, allocating the nearest taxi to you
•Conveniently place bookings for immediate or future pick-ups, 24 hours a day
•Send us notification of your location via GPS
•Save your favourite location entries for quick repeat bookings
•Track real time progress of your taxi on our map
Simplicity is the hallmark of this innovative, user-friendly taxi booking solution.
Following a few taps on your phone, you gain access to our fleet of 475 vehicles; giving you the benefits expected from A2B of reliability and minimal lead times.
Please use the support email if you need assistance or have any suggestions….we would love to hear from you!

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A2B Radio Cars A2B Radio Cars

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