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Cricket Emoji Pro

by ankit moradiya
Cricket Emoji Pro is an application for including different Cricket emojis into the standard message including voice Emojis.

You can type different emojis for Cricket Players, Players' styles, Carnival styles, Mask styles, Cap styles, Music, Vuvuzela, Cricket balls, Country's flag, Wicket styles, Cricket Stadiums, Goggles styles, Music Instrument, Score, Cup and Emotion emojis plus you can share different templates related to crickets.You can share different cricket scenes with your friends like score updates, Best score with player name, best baller,Toss, Match Won etc.

Application provides standard cricket voice sharing features like Outtzzaaa, Fantastic over,Thats single one etc and this is only app that gives voice emoji to share with your friends.

You can share these standard messages using SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and other Social Media.

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Cricket Emoji Pro Cricket Emoji Pro Cricket Emoji Pro Cricket Emoji Pro Cricket Emoji Pro

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