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by Silverware Software
A social network for air travelers.

Download now and register your unique nickname.

FlightBuddies is a new and fun way to communicate with people on the same flight as you or laid over at the same airport.

With FlightBuddies, you can post messages to a board which are viewed by all of the people on your flight or those laid over at the same airport. FlightBuddies will tell you how many people are using the app on your flight or who are laid over at the same airport. Maybe you just want to ask for a recommendation for a tasty lunch or see if anyone is interested in sharing a cab into the city. Perhaps your flight was cancelled and you need a recommendation for a hotel nearby. Maybe you want to post that the airline rep just told you the flight was going to be delayed another 45 minutes. It is easy with FlightBuddies.

Regardless if you are a frequent flyer or an occasional one, FlightBuddies is a fun and exciting way to communicate with fellow travelers.

Now if you want to send a private message to a user, you can do this as well. But you will need to purchase the upgrade which you can do right within the app. If you do send a private message to one of your "flight buddies", they will receive a push notification on their device letting them know.

We are interested in hearing about all of the exciting ways you have used FlightBuddies during your travel. Please email your stories to us as we will post them on our website. ALSO, if you would like, take a screenshot of your Messages or Private Messages screen and we might use it in our iTunes.

Silverware is the author of the popular flight status app "Flight Update" and the travel itinerary app "TravelTracker."

Silverware has been developing mobile software applications since 1993 when it sold it first mobile app for the Apple Newton.

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Recent changes:
* Added hi-res airline logos * Added hi-res app icon

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