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AIM for iPad

by AOL Inc.
AIM is redefining social networking – add a location to your status, post to your favorite social networks or chat directly with your Facebook or Google Talk friends. Check-in with foursquare. Post your status to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Lifestream with one tap. Now chatting with your Facebook or Google Talk friends is as easy as using AIM.

Features include:
•Chat directly with your Facebook and Google Talk friends
•Built from the ground up for the Apple iPad and compatible with iOS 4.2.
•NEW! Select your own photo for your Buddy Icon or wallpaper or select a theme from our library.
•Log in with your Facebook username.
•Chat directly with your Facebook friends.
•Start typing your friend's name in the Buddy List search and AIM will instantly display the results.
•Add your location to your status message.
•Post your photos to your Lifestream (up to 40 at one time) or comment on your Buddy’s photo or status.
•Get updates from your favorite social networks in one easy to navigate Lifestream window.
•Send and receive messages over Wi-Fi, EDGE, or 3G networks*.
•Connect to anyone on the AIM network worldwide, whether they're on Facebook, AOL®, AIM, ICQ®, .Mac® or MobileMe.
•Configure multiple usernames and switch between identities any time.
•You can send IMs to anyone who has a cell phone that supports text messaging* - even from a WiFi-only iPad.

It's easy to get started. Just sign in using your existing AOL/AIM, Facebook, .Mac or MobileMe name, or register for a free screen name right from your device.

Any service can send messages. But with AIM, you're really connected.

AIM is also available for iPhone in both ad-free and standard versions. Just search for AIM in the iTunes App Store.

* iPad Wi-Fi + 3G supports EDGE and 3G; AOL does not charge a fee to send text messages using AIM. Text messages are treated the same as normal IM messages and are included as part of your device's data plan. SMS features are not available in all countries.

Recent changes:
This is a quick update to add support for Facebook's switch to OAuth 2.0 and to fix a reconnect issue some users were seeing.

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