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Debbie Valleskey
Overboard is an overview of the things you want to keep track of. Check how many Twitter followers you have at a glance, get the latest price of a stock, know what the weather is like outside, the possibilities are...
Fucook - Recipe Manager
Paula Almeida
Manage your recipes and keep them organized at Fucook Recipe Manager whether you love to cook or you just love to eat. Get your best recipes from family favorites, signature dishes or a collection of dishes and recipes...
Cheetah Note - Super Fast Widget Note
Seokhyeon Nam
Save notes. Swipe down for Today widget. Check your notes. This app is ad-supported free version. 1. Today Widget Today widget is the heart of Cheetah Note. It is intuitive and smart. - View and browse the entire notes...
FINARX Fax für web.de
finarX GmbH
Faxen Sie direkt von Ihrem iPhone! Mit unserer Faxanwendung FINARX Fax - die erste Faxsoftware für das iPhone - können Sie bequem und einfach mit dem iPhone faxen. Oreilly Best iPhone Apps urteilt: "Best App for...
A Fingerprint Password Manager using Passcode - to Keep Safe & secure
Ahmmed Shakil
Remembering the credentials to login online websites and email platforms are never been easy. When it comes to storing them in smartphones, there are lot of options available online. But the most vital aspect is...
Alarm Clock Widget
Sergey Vdovenko
Are you looking for a nice and beautiful notification center? Alarm Clock Widget is designed for you! It is a highly customizable clock and alarm widget with a lot of multiple skins. Features: [+] 19 Skins! [+] Fully...
Percent Calculater Pro : number percentage math value change calculator
Lim Peng hoe
Do you need to calculate Percentage of anything? Fast? This is the tool for you. Easily calculate % of anything. Money, proportions, fractions, sales etc. If there is a 37% sale on item, do you know what the actual...
Professional Functional Job Resume Generator Pro
Catrnja Dev
This app is designed to help you create and manage a functional resume in less than 5 minutes! The simple interface allows you to work on your resume no matter of your current location.
Shift Schedule
Steve Dunbar
Shift Schedule is a calendar App for Shift Workers. With crisp, clean icon colours and shapes it makes viewing your up-coming shifts easy to read at a glance. Select an awesome background, or use a picture from one of...
「あかいいと」使用時の個体値遺伝の確率計算です。 先の見えない厳選作業の助けになれば幸いです。...
thomas segkoulis
AufmassGenerator provides a very simple and minimalistic mobile-interface for the production of a space measurement sheet, which can be exported as a PDF-File for further usage. Importing data of clientelle and of...
Congestion Charge App
Colin Hayes
The Congestion Charge app is a simple fast way to pay your congestion charge. The charge can be paid directly in the app. No looking for shops to pay in later, having to find parking etc. No late fees or legal hassle....
How To Make Puppets
Tony Walsh
Learn to make puppets at home with this collection of 128 tuitional videos. Learn to make all sorts of puppets and have incredible fun at the same time. Lessons include How to Make Puppets Tools Supplies How to Make a...
Intapp Time for Good
Intapp Time improves productivity and profitability by providing law firm personnel with a mobile solution to enter and edit critical time information from any location just as they would if they were sitting at their...
Brightbind Scanner
This app gives you the tools to scan your visitors and register attendees at your event easily. See which visitors have registered in advance and register the interests of visitors .
Plumbing Expert
Tony Walsh
Find out all the Plumbing Tips, Tricks & Techniques with this collection of 392 Tuitional Plumbing Video Lessons. Lessons cover many aspects of plumbing including: Cast iron toilet flange replacement plumbing tips How...
Easy SharePoint
Easy SharePoint is a vision to have the most intuitive mobile user experience when it comes to SharePoint and Office 365. Why Use Easy SharePoint: - Minimum number of clicks: We created and applied the concept of...
Frogg - Reminders, To-Do List, Checklists and Daily Task Manager
Maciej Kosmulski
Frogg is an amazing, modern gesture-driven to-do list and reminder app. Inspired by the great book "Eat that Frog!" written by Brian Tracy about how to get more done in less time. Version 1.1.0 - please send your...
Maintenance Management FR
RC Management
Cette Application « Maintenance Management » est l’outil indispensable pour toute personne travaillant dans la maintenance industrielle ou tertiaire. Elle permet de comprendre les Bonnes Pratiques à cultiver pour...