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Color Grade

by VerySimple, Inc
Color Grade provides a simple interface for making professional color grade adjustments and corrections to your photos.

Why another photo filtering app? Well, I made this one for myself to include only the controls that I need when editing photos. Other apps focus on pre-made filters to provide a quick look. But professional photographers often want to correct only for exposure and white balance while making subtle enhancements. Color Grade filters and UI is designed to make these subtle adjustments quickly without accessing sub-menus to get to every "advanced" filter setting. The settings available in Color Grade are based on those that are available in professional desktop grading apps.

Once you've created a grade, you can also save your settings as a starting point for other photos. A small set of pre-made example grades are included when you install the app, however you can add and name your own.

Use Color Grade as a photo extension: Color Grade is both a stand-alone app and a photo extension that you can use to make non-destructive edits from within the native Photo app. Simple enable Color Grade from within the native Photos app.

Please feel feel to suggest improvements or feature requests and I will continue to add improvements. Thanks for checking out Color Grade!

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Color Grade

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