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Camera Roll +

by Flayvr Media Ltd.
The simplest way to access your Camera Roll on iOS8.
Easily view all of your photos and videos in one simple gallery view - just like you’re used to.

Camera Roll + allows you to:
• View all your photos & videos in one simple gallery view
• Easily share multiple photos and videos (and share as many as you want over email - the sky’s the limit!)
• Delete your less-than-perfect photos and videos from your device
• Mark those awesome photos and videos as favorites

Camera Roll + was created as a fun project by the MyRoll team. We absolutely love iOS8 and all the functionality it brings to users and developers alike. However, we saw that people missed their good ol’ Camera Roll. That’s why we’re bringing it back for you! That’s right - the same Camera Roll you’ve gotten to know so well over the years is back!

If you’re looking to get a smarter and a much more personalized gallery experience, we invite you to also try out MyRoll for free - your personal, smart gallery:

If you have any feedback or general thoughts about Camera Roll +, we’d love to hear it at

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