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Copy Camera

by Choi Yongun
Steal the skill of professional photographers! Steal the expertise of Artists!
Take pictures with superimposed reference image.

Imitation precedes creation.
If there is no good original photos, even retouching may not work as you expected.
CopyCamera enables you to put a picture as a guide on the transparent layer on your camera view when you take a picture.

Support of outline mode.
If the camera screen with overlapping photos faintly visible,
Set to outline mode, the screen become clear by transparenting the overlapping image which will be expressed as drawn in outline only pencil.
It is also good when drawing along existing images. You will be able to know what is the difference between yours and the original.

Before, After photos
You can easily take before and after image.
When you changing your clothes, when you clean your room, before and after diet, monthly changing of pregnant women...
Easy to take pictures of changes.

Focus and Exposure lock
AF-Lock is very useful when use CopyCamera as a drawing helper.
It will stop continue focusing of the camera which makes the subject blurred.

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Copy Camera Copy Camera Copy Camera Copy Camera

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