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GoSkyWatch Planetarium - the astronomy star guide

by GoSoftWorks
✭✭✭✭✭ As seen in Apple's iPad 2 launch event ✭✭✭✭✭ - Easily and quickly identify and locate stars, planets, constellations and more with a touch or by simply pointing to the sky. Have fun with family and friends discovering the images in the night sky. Go outside and explore the night sky.

One download for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We don't think you should pay twice for the same app on a bigger screen.

Featured in Wired Magazine February 2009 edition and there have been many more features added since.

Displays the sky view at the correct orientation when held at any angle not just landscape or portrait. Simple operation, no buttons to press or modes to select, just point to the sky to start exploring. Unique rotation scheme enables touchless navigation even for the iPod touch without a compass.

Many features specifically for efficient outdoor use. Red light mode to preserve night vision, magnitude adjustment for viewing conditions, planets shown with relative brightness for easy identification, touchless navigation, heads up information display, full 180 degree display to see at a glance what is in the sky and where. Looking for a planet or star? Just use the finder and let the arrow guide the way.

Look back in time with the new birthday star search. Find out how old you were for the star light seen.

Features include:
✓ Point and identify accelerometer and compass navigation
✓ High performance animation
✓ Built in database of all stars visible to the naked eye
✓ Over 200 images of planets and deep sky objects
✓ Full catalog of Messier and Caldwell deep sky objects with images
✓ Actual image taken of the Milky Way
✓ Planet, star, constellation and DSO ephemeris data
✓ Time lapse animation by time, day, and sidereal day
✓ Moon phase calendar
✓ Sun rise/set times
✓ Interactive graphical ephemeris
✓ Full sky 180 degree display
✓ Below horizon display
✓ Planet, constellation, DSO and star finder
✓ Search stars and DSOs sorted by name, distance or magnitude.
✓ Constellation links to Ian Ridpath's StarTales.
✓ Solar system, star and DSO wikipedia links
✓ Star and planet brightness and distance heads up display
✓ Constellation mythical images, boundaries and patterns
✓ Easy setup using location or city list
✓ Red light mode for night viewing
✓ Location favorites

Many more enhancements to come as free updates.

✻ See web site for video demo

Recent changes:
- Spanish language - Italian language - Wikipedia local language links for stars and deep sky objects - Bug fix for devices using iOS 3.2.2 or earlier - Bug fix for motion control

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GoSkyWatch Planetarium - the astronomy star guide GoSkyWatch Planetarium - the astronomy star guide GoSkyWatch Planetarium - the astronomy star guide GoSkyWatch Planetarium - the astronomy star guide GoSkyWatch Planetarium - the astronomy star guide

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