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by Masayuki Akamatsu

MIDIWriter is a simple app that transmits MIDI note messages by hitting keys on a keyboard.

You can use either the on-screen software keyboard or a Bluetooth/Dock-connected hardware keyboard for iOS.

To actually hear sound, a CoreMIDI sound generator app must be running in the background. Compatible sound generator apps include ThumbJam, Animoog, NLog MIDI Synth, NLog Synth Pro, bs-16i, SunrizerXS synth, Sunrizer synth, and Anaphobia Mini. You can also play sounds via an app running on another iOS device, or via a MIDI Network Session running on a Mac.

Using a background app (Virtual MIDI):

1. Open a sound generator app and enable CoreMIDI and the background mode.

For example, with ThumbJam, enable “Use CoreMidi” and “Active in Background” in the MIDI Control section of the preferences. Some apps enable them automatically or by default (ex. NLog MIDI Synth).

2. Open MIDIWriter and type any key. You’ll hear a sound from the iPhone. You can also use an external keyboard connected via Bluetooth or the Dock connector.

Using a Mac application (MIDI Network Session):

1. Connect the Mac and the iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Open MIDIWriter on the iPhone.

3. Open “Audio MIDI Setup” on the Mac and open “Network” in the MIDI Studio window.

4. Click the “+” button at the “Sessions” area to create a new session, and click the checkbox to enable the session.

5. If your iPhone is not available in the “Directory” list, click the “+” button to create a new device entry. Enter your iPhone’s IP address in the “Host” field and enter a name and port number (e.g. 5004).

6. Click your iPhone in the “Directory” list to select it, and click the “Connect” button to add it to the session.

7. Open a CoreMIDI compatible sound generator application (ex. Ableton Live) on the Mac, and choose the network session for the MIDI input port.

8. Type any key on MIDIWriter. You’ll hear a sound from the Mac. You can also use an external keyboard connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth or the Dock connector.

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