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RIVA Turbo X Ground Control
Audio Design Experts, INC.
RIVA Ground Control is a free application for the RIVA Turbo X, a premium Bluetooth® mobile speaker delivering an unmatched personal entertainment system that perfectly compliments any modern lifestyle. Ground Control...
The Best Rock Drums
NETIGEN Kluzowicz sp. j.
We have prepared a special Rock Percussion just for you! Try the unique instruments and feel the rock! Features: - recording mode - multitouch - a full acoustic set - 15 realistic sounds - choice of instruments sound...
neng lin
听鸟是一款以各种鸟声音为主要内容的音乐类软件。 功能: 1.适合2-8岁小孩了解各种各样的鸟类信息 2.适合专注工作的人聆听的白噪音...
The Best Jamaica Drums
NETIGEN Kluzowicz sp. j.
We have prepared a special jamaican percussion set for you! Try these unique instruments and feel like you are in Jamaica! Features: - recording mode - multi touch - full acoustic set - 19 realistic sounds - choice of...
ארבע העונות
Infinite Fermata LLC
טיפחו אהבה למוסיקה קלאסית בקרב ילדים מכל הגילאים באמצעות אוסף סיפורים אינטראקטיבי הכולל .אומנות נגישה המציגה בעלי חיים...
The Sound Vine Pro
Spencer itube Cameron
50% off for the first launch week! -------------------------------------- The Vine Soundboard is the first soundboard made off famous vine quotes. Includes famous quotes such as: "BRUH" "I wanna be famous" "Oh hell...
RingTones Business for iOS 8
Burcu Ozbakir
I have the honor to introduce to you with Ringtones for iOS 8 Unique Ringtones is here to customize the sound of your device by giving you an exclusive selection of ringtones, text tones, email tones, calendar alerts,...
Ottoman Lute(Oud) 3D PRO
Alp Eren Ellidort
--It's on Sale, Save %50-- The new way to learn to Play Lute(Oud). Virtual Lute 3D, applies one of the basic instrument of Turkish Classical Music and Ottoman Music on mobile devices.This app also includes notes and...
Violin Lessons - Learn How To Play Violin
Lim Ching Kong
*SALE* How to Play Violin App Special Offer. 50% Off For The Next 72 Hours. Buy Now Before Price Goes Back Up! Now you can learn how to play violin with this brand new app! Packed full of violin tips you will not want...
Leafcutter Studios Ltd
Whether you want a complete method to learn blues guitar or just a set of 100 excellent blues guitar licks, this app has you covered. Most guitarists stay locked into the same patterns and scale shapes for years,...
Guitar Center Stores
With the Guitar Center Enhanced Content augmented reality application you can bring pages to life. Through augmented reality, experience Guitar Center like never before. See our product spotlights and enjoy great...
Piano by Yokee
Famous Blue Media LTD
Play timeless piano classics and popular radio hits for free. No prior experience necessary! Yokee’s Piano app is so easy to use, you’ll be playing like a pro within seconds. Enjoy a rich songbook of songs across a...
iFretless Brass - Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, French Horn, and Euphonium app with MIDI input and output
Ngo Minh Ngoc
iFretless Brass enables guitar and string instrument players to play expressive music with a variety of instruments. It includes a detailed library of samples from real brass instruments as well as a collection of...
Beach Bombers
Catch The Bomb before it hits the ground - easier said than done! Try it . About Fieldhouse Studio: + Learn more at http://www.fieldhousestudio.com + Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/fieldhstudio + Need...
Drum Sampler
Juan Pablo Boero Alvarez
Amazing yet simple drum sampler, extremely easy to use, pristine audio quality, and a lot more goodies including: *Pitch adjust for each pad. *Volume adjust for each pad. *Pan adjust for each pad. *8 Electronic kits...
Developing Musicianship through Improvisation - Piano/Vocal
Stephen Mokey
Developing Musicianship through Improvisation offers an approach to learning music that is similar to the process for learning language. Just as it is possible for everyone to learn a language and engage in meaningful...
FoxTube 4 - Player for YouTube
Play YouTube video continuously with playlists. FoxTube 4 features: * Easy search (auto-completion, search history) * Play & manage YouTube playlists directly from app * Play continuously from search results,...
BPM Beat Counter
Vicky Johnson
Made with the remixer in mind, BPM Beat Counter is an app meant to assist musicians in finding the tempo of any song. Finding the tempo of a song is an important part of the music making process. Fortunately this app...
Hear Lucerne
Tod Machover
The Hear Lucerne mobile app allows you to participate in the “A Symphony for Lucerne” project launched by the Lucerne Festival in collaboration with composer Tod Machover at the MIT Media Lab and the citizens of...
Moda Music LLC.
MODA.FM FIND l LISTEN l CONNECT The ultimate source for all your Middle-Eastern music, entertainment and special event planning/booking Network. Connect to any singer, musician, DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Club or...