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GestAge Calculator
A simple yet effective gestacional age and due date calculator for Ob/Gyn professionals, either through last period date or with adjustment for ultrasonography determined age. Allows adding the due date to the...
Psychotherapy Guide - Everything You Need To Know About Psychotherapy !
nipon phuhoi
Highlight Feature of Psychotherapy Guide: - Best Psychotherapy Articles. - Psychotherapy Ebook (Value:37$). - Psychotherapy Gallery. - Share Psychotherapy Articles via Email. And Here's what you'll discover in...
Regéczy-Fábián Human Anatomy Atlas
Adam Fabian
The aim of this new human anatomy atlas is to introduce the human body as detailed as possible. The pictures represent the structures of the human body spectacularly and in an easy to separate way. It contains both the...
Symptoms Of Male Menopause - Quick Guide
Inga Berga
*** 48 Hour Sale - 60% Off - Buy Soon *** Symptoms Of Male Menopause is a app that includes some very useful information for How To Help Your Husband Deal With The Signs And Symptoms Of Male Menopause !! Symptoms Of...
Baby Wear Size
isao ito
European styling is adorable - especially when it comes to baby clothes. Sure, not only European style but Japan or US… There styling holds appeal for many parents, but making sure you get the right size can be...
sun Xu
Leonardo e Gioconda: alla carica
Leo e Gioconda sono due super-bambini e sfrecciano allegri nello spazio alla ricerca di compagni di gioco. Ma avventura dopo avventura la oro carica energetica si è esaurita. Bisogna tornare al Centro Ricarica...
AlphaTopics - AAC Letter & Topic Communication Board to Improve Speech Intelligibility
Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.
Sometimes just giving a hint or context is all your listener needs to understand you. The first letter or two. The general topic. AlphaTopics is the perfect AAC app for people whose natural speech is not always clear....
SagittalMeter Pro
Jean Charles Le Huec
SagittalMeter is an educative app to easily measure sagittal balance parameters, by directly placing your phone on the sagittal X-Rays. The sagittal balance is an imperative factor to take into consideration for all...
Dr. Lonjon
John Kevin Go
Welcome to Dr Lonjon's app ! This app contains all the information regarding Dr Lonjon's clinic (phone number, map, calendar, ...). The Dental Clinic of Dr. Lonjon is pleased to welcome you on its new application to...
The Better Weigh Center
RemedyEHR brings you Dr Stegemanns Weight Loss app at the Better Weigh Center, all of the information, resources and tools to get you started on your journey with Dr. Stegemanns bariatric weigh loss program. Designed...
Depression v2
Personal Remedies, LLC
Choose This not That for Depression. This colorful app provides comprehensive and actionable nutrition guidelines for how to cope with Depression and its various risks & complications. If you rather tackle health...
Stiftelsen Norsk Luftambulanse
Norsk Luftambulanse har i en årrekke holdt praktiske kurs for redningsmannskaper. Gjennom TAS-kursene kan nød-etatene trene sammen og skaffe viktig erfaring. TAS-appen viser noe av innholdet på TAS-kursene som...
Apliscan - Rapid Test Reader
Aplitest Solutions, S.L.U.
Apliscan is the first app to be used as an aid in the interpretation of the results obtained when using Drug of Abuse Rapid Tests. Apliscan facilitates the record and analysis of the results in real-team. Print your...
Aleris Helse
Aleris AS
Aleris Helse er Norges største kjede av private sykehus og medisinske sentre. Med vår nye app kan du enkelt bestille våre helsetjenester. Du kan også registrere deg som medlem og få tilgang til eksklusive...
Neurology Exam Tools
David Zhu
With this app on your phone, you won't need to carry around a flashlight/pen light, bell, or tuning fork for vibration - perfect for on-the-go neurological exams! Save space and weight in your white coat! Also included...
Congreso de la Mama 2015
Infobox Solutions
App del 2º Congreso Español de la Mama para el año 2015 XXXIV Congreso SESPM - XIV Congreso SEDIM - X Reunión SETS Del 22 al 24 de octubre de 2015. Contiene información útil sobre el evento con el programa,...
LGH Contacts
Letterkenny General Hospital Directory If you work in Letterkenny General Hospital this should sound familiar: “What’s the number of x-ray?” “ We need to get anaesthetics down here.” “Does anyone know the...
Corin Group
To help support you in your role, this app provides a range of sales focused materials to further your understanding of Corin’s products. It is structured to help you easily access resources to assimilate at your own...
A¹A Amazing Color Brick Tap Pro
GuoDong Ren
When playing “Amazing Color Brick Tap”, what you should do is just to tap the color brick. If the screen is full of bricks or you tap the skull brick,the game is over .It may be hard to get a high score if you are...