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Diffords Cocktails #8

by Fizz Software Ltd.
Cocktails #8 is the top drinks app according to 'The Sunday Times App list', their definitive guide to the best 500 apps in the world today.

The #1 Lifestyle application and Top 100 iPad app is now on iPhone.
No other cocktail app offers this many cocktails, all with professional photography.

Diffords Guide Cocktails #8.
The most complete and authoritative cocktail publication available with over 2,600+ recipes, all illustrated with a beautiful full colour photograph.

This is the first time that the Cocktails series of books has been made into a fully interactive iPhone application. Now in it's 8th edition, the book this application is based on is widely regarded by members of the drinks industry as the most complete and authoritative cocktail publication available. Since 2001, this trusted title has built a loyal following amongst the top international bartending fraternity as well as discerning drinkers and keen amateur mixologists. This application contains a massive 2,600+ cocktail recipes, all stipulating the correct glass and illustrated with a beautiful colour photograph. Many even have the name of their creator or a story attached.

- 2600+ Easy to follow cocktail recipes
- ALL recipes accompanied by a full colour professional photograph.
- Mark what bottles you actually have at home in the 'Cocktail Cabinet' and see what cocktails you can make using them.
- All cocktails contain a comment and rating from top British drinks aficionado Simon Difford.
- Filter your cocktails in many different categories, such as Creamy, Blended, Hot etc.
- My Bar feature, show all the cocktails you can make using the contents of your cabinet
- 'If you like this' feature..based on the cocktail you are looking at, you can see other drinks you may like
- Add your own cocktail rating.
- Create your favorite cocktail list.
- Search for cocktails by name, rating or ingredients.
- Bartenders basics, learn about shaking, rolling, layering, muddling etc.
- Bartenders kit, an extensive guide to what kit every cocktail maker should own
- Essential store cupboard ingredients list
- View extensive information about which glasses to use, including pictures of each.
- Garnishes and how to use them
- Email recipes to your friends.
- Tell your friends what you are drinking via Twitter or Facebook
- Introduction by Simon Difford
- Shake for a random cocktail !!
- Super Fast
- Operates without an Internet connection.

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Diffords Cocktails #8 Diffords Cocktails #8 Diffords Cocktails #8 Diffords Cocktails #8 Diffords Cocktails #8

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