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Roger - Have you met Roger?

by mypaper LLC
Have you met Roger?

Roger is the easiest, safest, most fun way to share self-destructing voice messages with friends! Simply record a 7 second voice clip, send it to your friends, and after they listen to it, it will automatically delete itself for ever. It’s impossible for someone to screenshot your audio clip so don’t worry about someone saving it!

Send party invites, ask people to meet you for a gym session, talk dirty to your boyfriend, send secret information, and much much much more, easily and securely.

Relive the fun of your childhood walkie-talkies with all of your friends!

Note: All voice messages are automatically deleted from our servers as soon as your recipient listens to it. We do not have access to listen to any of the messages as each one has been encrypted.

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Roger - Have you met Roger? Roger - Have you met Roger? Roger - Have you met Roger? Roger - Have you met Roger?

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